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Apple’s iPads are more successful than the Apple iPhones. People use to take a look at other phones but when it comes to but a tablet, almost everyone looks towards iPads.
Though there are many options to choose tablets, if you are a little techy, iPad is your first choice. This all is because of the features and quality apple gives to its users continuously. The new iPad 12.9 Inches is almost 2 inches bigger than the iPad Air.

It has more viewing area and a lot of features which are not in the old one. The new iPad is much lighter as well.

Apple started launching 2 screen sizes with the launch of Apple iPhone 6, whose screen sizes were almost identical. Unlike iPhone 6 the new iPad pro also has 2 screen size options and they look totally different in terms of screen size and other features as well. A little bit of hardware is also different in both of them.

It is designed to work with a new version of iOS coming later this fall that will change how people interact with and use this device. Apple has improved this version of the giant iPad in a few key areas, including its display and processing power, that makes it more appealing than ever to iPad lovers.

There’s one major difference between the old and the new iPad pro, and it’s the biggest and most important one: the price. The iPad Pro starts at $649 (INR 49,990) for a 64GB model, and it can be priced all the way up to $1079 (INR 64,990)for 512GB of storage and LTE. Oh, and the Apple Pencil is $99 (INR 9,300) and Apple’s Smart Keyboard is $159 (INR 14,900), so if you go for whole product package you have to spend at least $907 (INR 74,100), which is quite more.

iPad Pro Review


Both versions of iPads are like brothers but with some differences of course. so you have to check out your needs before you go to spend $1000.

The PPI of both iPads are same, this means the smaller screen will look sharper than the bigger one. It also has a bigger range of colors display which is good if you are dealing with design or creative fields.

The new iPad also comes with True Tone. This is a feature in which the screen adapts its colors based on the lights you are in. This makes the reading and working on the new iPad pro much easier irrespective of the place you are. You can also turn this feature OFF if you don’t want the colors changes.

The camera of new iPad is also very good. in fact, the rear and the front camera are same in new iPad.

Now the considerable thing is size. I personally think the small screen is much better to buy if you use the iPad regularly and want to keep things in hands. The small screen is much handy then the bigger one and also around $300 cheaper than the big brother.

But if you are a designer and works for long hours in a day then you should go for the Big screen because big screen has a big keyboard and big viewing area which will save a lot of your time.

The bigger iPad has 4GB RAM instead of 2GB in smaller one which makes it much faster. You will also get bigger area if you want to work with Apple Pencil.

Now the real question is, does it has the capability to replace laptops like Microsoft Surface 4, MacBook and Dell XPS 13.
The answer is both YES and NO.

Yes, it can replace your traditional laptops because of its light weight, it comes with large screens. It can become more powerful when combined with Addons like Smart Keyboard and Pencil. Without these add-ons, it is just an oversized table which you can use to do some basic stuff on bigger screens and for entertainment as well.

No, because of your preferences. The laptops are proving huge Memory, RAM, and Processors which are much better than iPad Pro. If you are a developer who loves to code then you need a laptop. iPad is not for you because iPad is running on Mobile iOS, not a Laptop OS.


In terms of looks, iPad Pro is similar to the oldies, nothing much is changed in this one but the screen size. The size of iPad pro is very big in comparison to iPad Air and mini. So you have to hold iPad pro with both hands.
Integrated touch id in the Home button. Lightning port for charging and connecting to PC. Volume buttons on the side.
Like all other devices, iPad pro is also very thin just 6.9mm.

The size looks out on the iPad due to which Apple comes up with a solution and that is Apple Smart Keyboard. This makes holding and working on iPad much easier.

TechBooth on iPad Pro


The keyboard by Apple is the best the iPad has but it’s an addon and you have to buy it separately which makes iPad more expensive. The smart keyboard is actually not 100% perfect. It has the biggest botch and that is it doesn’t have a touchpad. Which makes the keyboard of surface pro the best.

The keyboard is made up of tough material and can also be used as a cover to the iPad like the Surface Pro. The keys of both keyboards are big enough to type but you can’t type as fast as you type on your laptops on any of the keyboards. As Microsoft Surace Pro comes with adjustable kick stand which you can use to adjust the angle of the screen as per your needs, iPad Pro comes with only one angle and is too laid back.
The keyboard of iPad Pro provides more stability than the surface pro. If you like to type with your laptop on your lap, iPad pro will give you best experience in that case.

Keyboard shortcuts also work but only for the apps which support them like in-built apps by Apple and some other on App Store.

If you don’t like to buy Apple’s Keyboard, you can find other third party keyboards. Logitech CREATE keyboard is best amongst them. It provides pencil holder, keyboard, and cover as well and much cheaper than apple one.


12.9-inch Retina display, 2732 x 2048 resolution 264ppi, oxide TFT layer, Variable refresh rate. The screen for iPad pro is the highest resolution iPad ever made. Apple is using oxide thin-film transistor (TFT) on the screen which delivers uniform brightness across the screen. The oxide TFT also helped Apple to provide variable refresh rate on iPad pro like the 2015 iMac. Variable Refresh Rate leads to power saving and better battery like for iPad pro.

Apple has something for everyone and that’s why apple comes up with Apple Pencil. Apple pencil exactly looks like a pencil which you can use only on iPad pro. It’s also an Addon which you can buy separately in $99 (INR 9,300) making iPad more expensive.

Apple pencil works like a regular pencil and works perfectly. Microsoft, Samsung, and many other companies introduced Stylus but the look, feel and working with the pencil is much better than others. It is fast, reliable, pressure sensitive and handy.
Working with a pencil make you feel like you are really working with pencil and paper. The sensors in the pencil are very powerful and you can even use the same for shading, drawing thick and thin lines based on the amount of pressure you exert on the screen and much more.

The pencil is like a magic wand for those who want to edit Photoshop Docs, presentation or who work on CAD.
Everything is good till now but the main issue is you have to manage how to put pencil safely in your bag or whatever inside you put your iPad. I don’t know why even in this much cost of Keyboard apple didn’t give any holder for a pencil. This feature can have saved a lot for everyone.


Apple claims the iPad Pro is twice as powerful as the iPad Air 2 when it comes to CPU and graphical performance. Apple has designed a third-generation 64-bit processor for the iPad Pro and it’s fast. Running at 2.26GHz and supported by 4GB of RAM, the A9X provides awesome performance.
If you are editing any 4K video you need a lot of resources which some times even a laptop can’t provide you but you can do the editing much faster on iPad pro. Adobe also designed their apps for ios in which you can see a real time preview while editing the images on iPad.


Connectivity is the main thing where Apple products lack a lot. Today we have a lot of ways to connect with devices but Apple devices always come like Hero in the world who don’t need anyone. There’s the usual range of wireless connectivity, with dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. If you opt for the cellular model, you’ll also get 4G. A lightning port to connect with PC nothing else.

Microsoft Surface and other tablets also provide Card Reader, USB 3.0. A lightning to Micro SD card reader is also available but you have to pay for that as well.

iPad is running on iOS 9, I don’t know why didn’t Apple used iOS 10 which they are working on. As per Apple iPad Pro is compatible with iOS 10.

Multitasking is available. You can work on 2 Apps side by side if the Apps allows like Facebook and other video streaming apps are not allowing side by side. You have to choose slide over with these apps. Most of the apps are not supporting side by side. Apps by Apple, Adobe, and big companies only support this feature.

Another disappointment is the number of icons on the Quick launch bar. You can only choose 5 icons to be placed on Quick launch bar which is not the proper use of iPad pro screen size.


The iPad Pro has a large, 10,307mAh battery that Apple claims will last for 10 hours. 3 Hours of video streaming on 60% to 70% brightness will decrease battery level by 30%. More brightness means more power. On full brightness, the battery lasts almost 6 to 6.5 hours. If you play games on it, it won’t even last 3-4 hours. The more you put it on work the less time it lasts. You can save battery by minimizing the screen brightening.

The iPad Pro comes with two cameras. There’s the obligatory FaceTime HD 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and a more impressive 8-megapixel rear-facing unit. Both are of the same specification as the cameras on the iPad Air 2 and do a decent enough job.
The FaceTime camera shoots in 720p, which is good enough for video calling and manages to provide a decent image even in low-light conditions.

With many more megapixels to play with, the rear camera is much better and can record video at 1080p.

Images with iPad look ok but not perfect.

The Good: The new iPad Pro is the biggest and fastest Apple tablet to date. The pressure-sensitive Pencil stylus offers superior sketching and drawing, and the Pro’s gorgeous giant screen and quad speakers are ideal for split-screen apps, multitasking and watching movies.

The Bad: At launch, very few apps are currently optimized to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s full potential. Its large size makes it less portable than other iPads. Once you’ve paid for the Pencil and keyboard peripherals, the iPad Pro costs as much as a good laptop but lacks its flexibility.

The Bottom Line: The iPad Pro is a dream machine for graphic designers and media mavens, but this elegant tablet needs more optimized apps and accessories before it can fully achieve laptop-killer status.

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8.2 Total Score
Think twice before you got for it.

iPad Pro is awesome but it's not worth replacing everything for it. Replacing your Laptop with iPad Pro is the worst idea.

Battery Life
Value for Money
  • Slim and incredibly light
  • Awesome screen and speakers
  • Excellent performance
  • Good on-the-go typing experience
  • Not as portable as other iPads
  • Most will still need a proper computer
  • No iOS optimizations for the big screen
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