Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: An awesome piece of work by Samsung

After an explosive Galaxy Note 7, Samsung comes up with Explosive Note 8, not explosive like Note 7 but explosive in terms of features, design and everything else.

Samsung launched its much-awaited flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd, just a few weeks ahead of the iPhone 8/7S release. The wait of users gets some sweet fruits in with the launch.

Note 7 was the best phone of 2016 until it catches fire here and there. After discontinuing Note 7, Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the best smartphones of 2017. Now after the launch of Note 8, the number one place surely was taken over by it.


Note 8 Design and Screen

The design of the phone is really awesome. It’s somewhat similar to Samsung Galaxy S8+ but if compared to Note 7, it’s much better than it.

The Note 8 is more straight than S8 and S8+. It looks more professional than S8. The edges are steeper than S8.

The Infinity display looks awesome. The screen is 6.3 Inches, that means 0.1 inches bigger than Galaxy S8+.

The QHD+ AMOLED display is stunning, but that’s no surprise. The slightly odd 18.5:9 aspect ratio is strange at first, but you can stretch videos and apps to fit it so it doesn’t detract from anything. Like the S8, the Note 8 is HDR certified.

The S-Pen which is an integral part of Note Series is in the bottom of the phone adjacent to USP type C port. The Note 8 remains waterproof even the S-Pen is plugged out of its socket. Both S8 and Note 8 are water resistant up to same IP68 Level.

On the back, there are 2 cameras, LED flash and the fingerprint sensor. I think the fingerprint sensor is really awkwardly placed. Just because of the placement of finger print sensor you will need to put your second hand on the phone.

You can open your phone with one hand because of the design. The phone has sharper edges than S8+ which makes the phone handling bit disturbing.


As you know S-Pen is the identity of Note 8. In other words, Note 8 is incomplete without S-Pen. Samsung is saying the new S-Pen is more sensitive than previous one. I think they are much more competing with Apple Pencil. Samsung says they added 4096 pressure levels to new S-Pen and it’s huge. The tip of the pen is 0.7 mm and its fine. It almost looks like a pen tip.

You can do many things with S-Pen like taking notes, accessing your phone, drawing, live editing, creating Gifs from videos are the name of few.

With in the combination with Note 8 you can do a lot. Even you can and edit notes while the phone screen is Off. Of course, it will take a lot of battery as it will put on to your Always on Display.

If you are taking notes or drawing something on Note 8 and you want to undo, just press the button on S-pen and it gets converted to the eraser.


Samsung jumps into the dual camera phones with Note 8. Samsung places an excellent 12MP tele photo sensor with the already awesome wide angle 12MP sensor of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Most importantly both the cameras come with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) which means even with the 2X Zoom you will get crisp images without any blur. This is better than iPhone 7 because it only has OIS on one camera, so you have to deal with some blur.

The camera app of Samsung Note 8 is much better, you can instantly switch to 2x zoom. Also, you can select whether you want to take an image with a focus on any particular object. In this case, you will get the perfect image of the object you focused on and other things got blurred.

The Slow Motion of Note 8 is incredible. You can record the videos on various modes, those are 3840×2160 @ 30 fps, 1920×1080 @ 60 fps, 1280×720 @ 240 fps.


I think Samsung didn’t overcome from the shock Note 7 gave them. With blasting Note 7 Samsung come up the solution that they will use 3300 mAh battery.

With a phone like Note 8, 3300 mAh battery is very less. They fill the phone with a lot of features but decreases the battery size. Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a battery of 3500 mAh.
Samsung should have at least kept the 3500 mAh battery.

With features like S-Pen, always on Display, taking notes from Off Display, the phone seriously needed a bigger battery.


Samsung is the best company in the electronics and phones, they always come up with something which is needed by users. In the start of the year, they come up with Galaxy S8 and that’s the best phone ever by Samsung. Now they come up with Note 8.

  • Personally telling Samsung Galaxy S8 is somewhat 95% of Samsung Note 8. You will get everything on S8 what you found on Note 8 except dual camera and S-Pen.
  • Performance wise both S8+ and Note 8 has 6 GB RAM, 128 GB Memory and its expendable as well.
  • Both has Octa core processors.
  • Same sensors.
  • Almost same screen to body ratio. (in fact Galaxy S8+ has better screen to body ratio than Note 8+).
  • Same screen resolution, this means you can get better pictures on Galaxy S8 instead of Note 8+ as the screen of Note 8 is 0.1 inch bigger than Galaxy S8+.
  • Both Phones has same front camera.
  • Same 1.7 Aperture.

If you want to get a high-end phone for yourself, then Note 8 is the best choice for you. But if you have Samsung S8 or S8+, then I don’t think you should upgrade to Note 8.

In a recent press release, Samsung decrease its Samsung Galaxy S8+ 128 GB variant prices by Rs. 5000 which makes it to Rs. 65900.

The sale of Note 8 will get start from September 15th 2017 in the major markets of Samsung. The price of Note 8 is very high. You have to spend around $1000 In US. The Price for Indian markets is not disclosed yet. But if we convert the USD to INR it comes around Rs. 66000.

Some websites say Galaxy Note 8 will come to the Indian market with a price tag of around 70000 – 75000. If this is true, then I don’t think the Note 8 will make any impact on the market. Hardly a few will be interested in spending 70K for a phone even when they can get Galaxy S8 at comparatively very less price.

According to me, Samsung should launch the phone in Indian markets with a price range starting from 65000 for the least end variant. This will put the phone in the range of more users. Those who were looking for iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 will surely consider Note 8.

After the Launch of Note 8, everyone’s eyes are on the launch of Apple’s iPhone. According to recent news Apple is launching their new iPhone on 12th September. Let’s see what Apple comes up with.

8.8 Total Score
The best phone ever by Samsung

Big, beautiful, bezel-less: The Galaxy Note 8 is here, and it more than compensates for its predecessor's premature demise

  • Big Screen
  • Infinity Display
  • Dual Camera
  • S-Pen
  • Finger Print Sensor placement
  • Less Battery size (3300 mAh)
  • Costly
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