Samsung to unveil Galaxy Note 8 next month

Samsung galaxy Note 8

Samsung Electronics announced that they are unveiling their Flagship Note 8 on 23rd of August. It’s like almost one month before the launch of iPhone 8.

Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be the company’s biggest and most expensive phone ever. It is expected to be around $1200. This is just expectations but the prices can be much less than this as Samsung have to earn their user’s respect this time.

Samsung is expecting to regain the user’s faith in their Note series again following the accidents happen with Note 7 last year. That’s why this time Samsung Note 8 will be coming with a much safer battery this time.

Full specifications will be unveiled at the global launch of Note 8, but all the features which are there already in Samsung Galaxy 8 will be there in Note 8. Also, the Note 8 will be bigger display than Galaxy 8 and with S-Pen of course. Note 8 will also feature infinity display like Samsung Galaxy S8. It may not have the edges of galaxy 8, to make note 8 look different than S8. Means you will have proper features of S8 and additional features of Note 8 which are added to the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept The Phone may look like this.

After the launch of Galaxy 8, Samsung was set to launch Note 8 in September this year, but after the unveiling of Apple 10th Anniversary iPhone 8 which is rumored to cost more than $1400, Samsung may be preponed the launch of their device a few weeks earlier than Apple.

We think Apple will have much more competition while launching iPhone 8, as it costs much more than the super cool Galaxy S8, which is the best phone ever till now and the next launch by Samsung.

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